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Hospital Employees thinking about anesthesia services
Providing 100% Operating Room Coverage

Essential Anesthesia Management has an extraordinary staff of professionals committed to providing outsourced anesthesia care to hospitals across a multi-state region. In addition to experienced clinical leadership, EAM has a senior operational team that provides hospital partners with a detailed, efficient plan to improve the anesthesia services.

Our monitored anesthesia care includes:

  • Strategies to improve anesthesia delivery and patient safety, as well as increased surgeon and patient satisfaction

  • The development of an efficient staffing model, expert revenue cycle management, and high-quality billing service

  • A focus on bringing the cost of anesthesia as low as possible with the goal of zero subsidy



Customized Anesthesia Management Model

EAM, owned and operated by anesthesia professionals, is dedicated to the highest quality anesthesia services. We are 100% focused on refining anesthesia delivery, improving safety outcomes, and increasing surgeon and patient satisfaction so that hospitals can focus on their core business of providing the overall highest-level care.

EAM understands the needs of hospitals. We also know that those needs vary, so EAM approaches each facility with our knowledge of best practices and depth of experience to provide a customized and detailed plan to improve the anesthesia services of each hospital. We then develop a staffing model and quick, seamless transition that is economical and consistent with the overall hospital philosophy. Our efficient staffing models, expert revenue cycle management, and a high-quality national billing service enable us to deliver top-notch outsourced anesthesia care and keep anesthesia costs as low as possible, with zero subsidy being our ultimate goal.

Essential Anesthesia Management is a complete Outsource Anesthesia Provider. Let the anesthesia experts at EAM deliver consistent and professional anesthesia services you can trust.

What EAM can do for your hospital:

  • Recruit and hiring all anesthesia personnel

  • Daily staffing management including PTO coverage

  • Assure all anesthesia needs are consistently met

  • Ensure proper credentialing of anesthesia staff for each facility

  • Credentialing and linking anesthesia staff to all payers

  • Contract with all major insurance carriers for billing purposes

  • Billing, collections, and follow up for all anesthesia services provided

  • Provide patient-friendly billing procedures in accordance with hospital policies and MGMA and HFMA guidelines

  • Maintain a comprehensive compliance program that is consistently updated to ensure that all federal and state guidelines are met, quality measures are reported

  • Ensure maximizes efficiency and effectiveness of the billing process

  • Provide total and complete anesthesia management and staffing services

Why partner with EAM:

  • Improve surgeon & patient satisfaction

  • Efficient staffing models

  • Service-oriented

  • High-quality personnel

  • Strong footprint throughout the Southwest serving over 100 facilities

  • Experience includes facilities ranging from ASCs to Trauma Centers

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