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Endoscopy Centers

Medical Professional and Stetoscope
Providing fully managed anesthesia care

Essential Anesthesia Management is a full-service, turnkey anesthesia group supporting endoscopy centers across a multi-state region providing completely managed anesthesia care. In some specific situations, EAM also offers a unique Joint Venture model which has yielded positive financial returns for our partners.

EAM provides experienced clinical leadership and a senior operational team that provides our clients with a detailed, efficient plan to improve anesthesia services and increase ROI through:

  • Strategies to improve anesthesia delivery and patient safety and comfort, as well as increased patient and surgeon satisfaction

  • Utilization of technology and software to help increase efficiency with the use of an advanced scheduling and credentialing platform

  • Raising provider customer service scores through a digital patient evaluation program

  • Creating a new revenue stream for the facility


Essential Anesthesia Management is owned and operated by anesthesia professionals who truly understand that each endoscopy center has unique needs. With almost a decade of experience servicing endoscopy centers, EAM brings proven methodologies that can totally transform the way your business operates while making your endoscopy center more profitable. When you choose EAM as your outsourced anesthesia medical provider, we can maximize patient safety, improve comfort, and elevate the overall efficiency of your practice. We understand that every center is different, so EAM approaches each endoscopy center with our knowledge of best practices and depth of experience to provide a customized and detailed plan to ensure a proper fit and improve the anesthesia services of each facility. We work with centers to increase the overall volume of cases by offering flexibility of coverage with highly trained anesthesia providers that creates and supports a procedure schedule that improves efficiency and profitability.

Our leadership believes in a hands-on approach. They frequently visit each center and actually perform anesthesia services to constantly keep their fingers on the pulse of your center and ensure that our anesthesia services exceed you and your patient’s overall satisfaction. 

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