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Podcast: Tracy Young on the Business of Anesthesia

Essential Insights

Listen to podcast here

Episode Highlights:

  • Tracy discusses how he started his nursing career. 

  • How did Tracy make his first leap into entrepreneurship?

  • What recommendations does Tracy have for getting anesthesia contracts?

  • How competitive is it to get hospital contracts?

  • Which marketing methods does Tracy 's find to be effective?  

  • What's currently going on with subsidies in the medical industry?

  • How does the process for moving your services into other states occur?

  • What are some of the growth challenges Tracy has encountered?

  • Is there an industry standard for mergers?

  • Is billing outsourced or done internally?

  • What's the billing structure for a smaller company?

  • What are some of the rules and regulations companies should be aware of to avoid trouble?

  • A good healthcare lawyer is important for growing companies.

  • How should someone start branching out to do office anesthesia?

  • How do you overcome the obstacles for the demand of an  anesthesia physician over a CRNA?

  • Is Tracy preparing for a future recession?

  • Will the big anesthesia providers swoop in and buy up the smaller providers during a recession?

  • What was one of Tracy's biggest unexpected failures?

  • What advice does Tracy recommend for up-and-coming anesthesia entrepreneurs?

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