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Essential team member in a hospital setting

Exceeding Expectations

Get To Know Us

Hear from some of our leadership 

team about how we are founded on experience,personal relationships, 

and a focus on who is essential

Our Mission   To be unwavering in our commitment to excellence in anesthesia services while establishing and nurturing relationships with our clinicians, administrators, surgeons and their patients.

Our Vision   To transform the anesthesia experience by focusing on who is essential.

  Essential Foundations      


Partnership   We foster dynamic, two-way relationships. We create those by prioritizing trust, empathy, and a deep understanding of our clinicians, administrators and surgeons’ needs.

Humility   Humble minds and humble hearts. We approach our work with humility, seeking out feedback, acknowledging mistakes, and valuing diverse perspectives. We recognize that we are here to serve!

Dependability   We do what we say we are going to do. We hold ourselves accountable to our promises and commitments, setting clear expectations and proactively addressing any issues or challenges that arise.

Quality   We reflect excellence in all that we do; We accept nothing less than the highest quality through a focus on continuous improvement.

Transparency   We encourage open, honest, and proactive communication. We strive to be transparent in our decision-making processes, our performance metrics, and our business practices. 

We are about exceeding expectations. United as one company in 2022, the Essential Anesthesia Management Group (EAM) is formed through a partnership between EmergencHealth and YPS Anesthesia Services. Owned and operated by clinicians with many decades of clinical experience, the Essential name truly reflects who we are. Though never in the limelight, our services are undoubtedly essential in every operating room. Establishing and nurturing relationships with surgeons, hospital administrators and other clinicians is essential. Finally, as we serve patients in their most vulnerable circumstances, our excellence, reassurance and trust is essential.

We are Excellent, Reliable and Relational. We are Essential.         

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